My Verizon VZ8500 Chocolate
Prepaid Cell Phone from Walmart:
FBI Monitoring Included

Spooky Government Screwup

Found in the Verizon account website under "My Profile", the email address was preset to:
Click on the image to view it full-size (827x790)

As if this wasn't bad enough, try searching for "IC.FBI.GOV" -- it looks like a fabricated plant. Very creepy! We need to take the government back from the incompetent and corrupt people running it, and the various invasive "services" that are maniacally digging in to micromanage every aspect of our lives!

If you weren't already convinced the government has run amok over its obsession with "the war on terrorism" (like the "war on drugs", and various other "wars" the government has fought against the people it serves), here is another nail in the coffin.

If you've had similar experiences with pre-paid phone or other types of accounts, please post them. Even if you approve of such goof-ups or invasions of privacy, you should want better service from your privacy invaders!

Please Vote The Corrupt Rascals Out!